B. January 21 Sexual Encounter

On Sunday, January 21, 1996, according to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President had another sexual encounter. Her time of White House entry is not reflected in records. She left at 3:56 p.m.(219) The President moved from the Residence to the Oval Office at 3:33 p.m. and remained there until 7:40 p.m.(220)

On that day, according to Ms. Lewinsky, she saw the President in a hallway by an elevator, and he invited her to the Oval Office.(221) According to Ms. Lewinsky:

We had . . . had phone sex for the first time the week prior, and I was feeling a little bit insecure about whether he had liked it or didn't like it . . . . I didn't know if this was sort of developing into some kind of a longer-term relationship than what I thought it initially might have been, that maybe he had some regular girlfriend who was furloughed . . . .(222)

According to Ms. Lewinsky, she questioned the President about his interest in her. "I asked him why he doesn't ask me any questions about myself, and . . . is this just about sex . . . or do you have some interest in trying to get to know me as a person?"(223) The President laughed and said, according to Ms. Lewinsky, that "he cherishes the time that he had with me."(224) She considered it "a little bit odd" for him to speak of cherishing their time together "when I felt like he didn't really even know me yet."(225)

They continued talking as they went to the hallway by the study. Then, with Ms. Lewinsky in mid-sentence, "he just started kissing me."(226) He lifted her top and touched her breasts with his hands and mouth.(227) According to Ms. Lewinsky, the President "unzipped his pants and sort of exposed himself," and she performed oral sex.(228)

At one point during the encounter, someone entered the Oval Office. In Ms. Lewinsky's recollection, "[The President] zipped up real quickly and went out and came back in . . . . I just remember laughing because he had walked out there and he was visibly aroused, and I just thought it was funny."(229)

A short time later, the President got word that his next appointment, a friend from Arkansas, had arrived.(230) He took Ms. Lewinsky out through the Oval Office into Ms. Hernreich's office, where he kissed her goodbye.(231)