F. March 31 Sexual Encounter

On Sunday, March 31, 1996, according to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President resumed their sexual contact.(265) Ms. Lewinsky was at the White House from 10:21 a.m. to 4:27 p.m. on that day.(266) The President was in the Oval Office from 3:00 to 5:46 p.m.(267) His only call while in the Oval Office was from 3:06 to 3:07 p.m.(268) Mrs. Clinton was in Ireland.(269)

According to Ms. Lewinsky, the President telephoned her at her desk and suggested that she come to the Oval Office on the pretext of delivering papers to him.(270) She went to the Oval Office and was admitted by a plainclothes Secret Service agent.(271) In her folder was a gift for the President, a Hugo Boss necktie.(272)

In the hallway by the study, the President and Ms. Lewinsky kissed. On this occasion, according to Ms. Lewinsky, "he focused on me pretty exclusively," kissing her bare breasts and fondling her genitals.(273) At one point, the President inserted a cigar into Ms. Lewinsky's vagina, then put the cigar in his mouth and said: "It tastes good."(274) After they were finished, Ms. Lewinsky left the Oval Office and walked through the Rose Garden.(275)