My Antique Mirror © Copyright, LdyJessika 1998

[All rights reserved – duplication/copy without permission prohibited]

Lavender scent fills the air mixed with the sensual scent of musk perfume, as I slowly spin in front of the antique, dressing mirror you bought for me, my satin nightgown twirling away from my body, as I pirouette. I love the feel of the warm, summer breeze coming in from the large, bedroom window, and twilight sending rainbows of colors over the room. I laugh and twirl in a kaleidoscope of sensual color, watching my reflection dance in the standing, antique, dressing mirror.

I can see your reflection in the mirror, standing so still by the entrance to the door, watching my body twirl in a multitude of rainbow color. I finally stand and watch my breasts moving, from being out of breath, and smile in the mirror at my silliness, as I smooth down the satin on my body. The satin feels so smooth to me under my delicate fingers, sliding over the lace bodice.

I watch in the mirror as my nipples harden pushing at the lace, showing prominently through it, as a sensually dark red against the gold satin and lace trim. I wet my fingers and rub it on the tip of my nipples, watching the satin get wet and stick to them, as they strain for more. Slowly, I slide my hands under them, cupping them and pushing them up; watching myself squeeze and mold my breasts, as I push them together. I love the feel of rubbing the satin on my breasts and watching them in the mirror. I can see you now hardly breathing and your eyes narrowing as you stare; unseen except in the mirror reflection.

My hands slide down over my flat stomach, lower, then up and down, sliding the satin over my hips. Just moving the satin against my skin I can feel myself coming alive with feeling and sensation. The colors appear to be sliding, as I move in the rainbow of caresses. As if they are touching my satin gown, my bare arms, kissing my neck and face and I sigh and let the colors take over and caress me.

Sliding the satin slowly over my body, inch by inch, revealing in the mirror soft feminine flesh, as I slide it over my head and let it pool at my feet. Naked the colors kiss my breasts and play across my belly, culminating in a delicate rainbow of colors caressing my woman’s mound. My fingers slide over my nipples, caressing the hard tips with index and thumb in soft circular motions, as I watch them pulled high. I moan as the feeling of them being squeezed is too much to bear quietly and I see your hands remove your shirt and pants so you are naked in the mirror reflection.

The sight of you naked, your large masculine hand cupping your balls makes me feel a tingling in my pussy and I shyly smile in the mirror. Your cock straining straight away from your body makes me pull my nipples higher, before my fingers slide their way lower to entwine in my soft pubic curls. So soft my pubic hair feels, as my fingers run through them and I watch in the mirror parting my pussy lips, exposing to the mirror of colors the jewel kept so safely hidden. Touching this precious area I feel the warmth of the day through the window caressing my body, loving me as it guides my hand over my clit in wonderful circular motions. Cascading a multitude of sensations through my body it causes me to softly moan, "oh yes, yessss."

I close my eyes a moment locked in the warmth and sensation and when I open them I see two reflections in the mirror close together. One so soft and small while the other hard, muscular, with hands that move around my body cupping my breasts of kaleidoscope colors. I lean back against strength, hardness and my fingers continue to slide lower and I feel my wetness, as my nipples are now being caressed and lips are roaming freely up my neck and down to my shoulder.

I hear your voice whispering to me, "Yes, honey, rub yourself for me, let me watch your body in passion."

I watch in the mirror, as you lean lower and reach around my hips spreading my pussy lips open. The mirror no longer hides my fingers roaming over my wetness, as I start to dip my fingers in my body, drenching them in nectar. I dip them again and again rubbing the wetness back to the special place, now being rubbed and caressed for your eyes to feast on.

I see my nipples hard, straining toward the mirror and my clit now swelling, covered in rainbow colors. I am pulling at my clit now, leaning back on you for support, as your eyes in the mirror drive me on and your voice whispers, "More for me baby, I like holding you open and watching, come for me honey."

Your eyes, your piercing eyes watching, as my fingers pull and pinch at my clit, while you hold my pussy lips spread apart. I move faster and start to rock on my fingers making colors fly over our bodies…. Faster…. Pinching…. Pulling…the sensations build in me…tingling over my body…. my nipples…. my clit pulsing….I finally see your eyes pierce my soul and my body rocks in orgasm as you demand of me, "Now, come, let me see your pussy pulse for me!" I cry out your name and feel my legs go weak and my body fly in colors as you let go of my soft pussy lips and hold me tight against your body whispering, "Beautiful, honey, my baby, my beautiful woman child."

I can do nothing but lean against your strength with my eyes closed letting you keep me safe in the warmth and colors of twighlight in front of the antique mirror that you bought for me.