Chez – © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998
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Looking out of the airplane window, as it taxied down the runway, Chez pulled down the window shade thinking, "Well so much for him and his AOL on-line persona... if that’s what he calls a sexual experience, it sure doesn’t meet my standards!"

She leaned back, glad to be returning to a state that had warm weather and her newest lover, anxiously waiting for her return. Closing her eyes she put on the headset, tuned in music and thought, "In a few hours I’ll have his naked body standing before me, there for me to please and play with." Drifting in thought she compared the men, laughing to herself, at the one she had just left and thinking of the one she was returning to, "Hmmm just wait till I get home. What I thought was a man was an empty shell but that’s on-line for you and now damn it, I want to get home and play!"

She glanced down at her long, manicured, red nails and thought of the last weekend with her current lover. His tall body…hard cock….his need for her mouth sucking him. Drifting to sleep she thought, "Yes, just wait till I get back and do it all again to you!"

Her mind played out what she had done to him….what she enjoyed doing to him:

Chez had gone to his apartment with a bottle of Wente 95 Private Chardonnay. Dressed in a blue tight pair of jeans and red halter-top…her curly, shoulder length hair flowing free and soft. She could tell when he opened the door he liked what he saw and kissing him on the cheek she went past him, into the apartment and into his kitchen. Taking wine-glasses, she poured them both a glass and walked back to the living room handing him his. She could see he could not take his eyes off her halter-top and she seductively moved her hands to the bow at the back of her neck saying, "Do you want to see my breasts again? Lush and full, with the ripe buds you love to suck on?"

She could see his aching erection pushing against his pants and laughed, "Yes, I can see you do want to see them!" With that taking off her top and sliding her jeans down her long legs she stood naked in front of him….She watched as his eyes roam over her stiff nipples and down to the soft brown curls between her thighs. Reaching for her glass of wine she poured some on here nipples and leaning over him, whispered, "Suck my throbbing nipples, I know you want to….but first take off your clothes!"

She had never seen him move so fast and after stripping his clothes off she felt his lips gently brushing over her breast….flicking the tip with his tongue as she encouraged him, "Yes, I love your tongue licking my soft breasts, now suck my nipples lover!" His moans of pleasure told her he needed just that and arching her back his mouth continued sucking and pulling at her honey soft, breasts until she whispered, "Enough, let me play with your cock, stand up for me…I want to kneel in front of you!"

She wrapped her elegant fingers around his thighs, while her long, red, nails marked trails of possession on his tanned, muscled legs. He looked down at her kneeling between his spread thighs and moaned, "Chez, baby, suck me honey, lick my balls and cock".

Chez smiled up at him, "Tell me how much you want it?"

His answer was to twine his hands in her hair, bringing her mouth to his hard male heat, "You already know how much I want it…now suck me baby!"

She did not do what he asked…she loved to make him hot and instead raked her nails on the inside of his thighs. Leaning forward she licked his inner right thigh, as her hair lightly rubbed against his balls. She loved his taste…the smell of his masculine scent as it drifted to her from his arousal. She leaned back cupping his balls in one hand and his hard shaft in her other, as she seductivly said, "Nice pulsing shaft for me to play with and such heavy balls to lick… I love licking and caressing you!"

Cupping his balls she licked them…kneeling low to kiss and lick underneath his sacs she heard his intake of breath, as her mouth began to gently suck them into her mouth. His taste in her mouth was intoxicating and his need to push himself into her mouth gave her a feeling of such power. Sucking harder she heard him moan, "Oh damn, yes Chez honey…like that, suck me Chez, suck me harder." His voice driving her on, she sucked on his meaty sacs, as her nails dug into the ass of his cheeks holding him against her mouth.

He watched her, before him, kneeling and sucking on his balls, as he ground her face in them. He let her head move slightly back feeling his balls wet and tightening, "Suck my shaft now, only the head!"

She changed position… placing one hand around his shaft and cupping his balls with her other, she brought his cock to her mouth, gently sucking on the swollen head. Her tongue played around the rim, gently tapping at it and licking around it, before tasting the drop of pre-cum forming on the tip.

Again she squeezed his cock, drawing her hand up the length of him to watch another drop of pre-cum form. She looked up into his eyes, smiled and then licked the drop off, as a cat licks a bowl of cream. Her tongue darting out again and again, licking at the head of his swollen erection, as he whispered, "Chez, taste me, I want you to suck me off tonight baby, will you do that for me?"

Her answer was to suck him in her mouth another inch and squeeze his balls in possession, marveling at how he moved his hips, moaning her name. She felt him sliding in her mouth and welcomed the pressure of his hands in her hair, as he guided her mouth on his throbbing hardness, whispering in a growl, "Deep baby, suck me deep in your throat – ohhh damn, Chez baby, your so damn good!"

Her mouth was moving on his full, engorged, cock, wrapped like a tight glove of hot suction around it. She was like liquid heat sucking on him…her nails digging in the flesh of his ass…holding him from pulling away…he was hers to play with….hers to tease!

His hips began to thrust faster, as he felt himself hit the back of her throat. Her hot, wet, mouth and his pre-cum causing slurping noise as she sucked harder…faster. He had his hands gripping her head as he fucked her mouth, "Chez, play with my balls, oh God! Baby!"

She moved her hand to cup his tight sacs, pulling on them gently, caressing them tighter. She could feel his legs muscles begin to tighten, his knees bending to thrust faster. She smiled to herself and took her tongue running it tight against the side of his cock, as he pushed in and out of her mouth. She wanted him to come for her. She wanted to drink his come and moaned deep in her throat, as he arched his back giving her the signal she had been waiting for. She pulled him tight toward her….milking his cock with her mouth as she heard him cry out, "Chez, now baby! I have to come now!"

Gripped her hair, his body began to tense, his leg muscles tightening, before he began to shoot his hot load into her waiting mouth. He threw his head back, moaning her name, "Chezzzzzzzz, oh God Baby!" As he came in her mouth and she swallowed over and over drinking his thick liquid heat.

Swallowing the last drop she gently removed her mouth, licking him gently and caressing his thighs while he stood looking down at her, his body quivering in satisfaction. She stood up and rubbed her mound against his thigh, feeling the wetness between her thighs as she whispered, "I know a nice soft, moist place, can you guess where you can find it?"