I'M YOURS (c) Copyright LdyJessika 1997
By LdyJessika@aol.com
[All Rights Reserved]

I have been without you and my need for you is strong. I am sitting here and once again my thoughts are of you. I feel your arms encircle my body. I feel your strength and oh, how I feel my burning need.

I love to be with you in your room as you sit on your bed. I sit curled on your lap as you tilt my chin up and ask me what my pleasure is for this night. I tell you I want to be yours and tonight I wish to be in control. Somehow your deep chuckle as you say, "Ha, my kitten wants claws" does not quite make me feel very controlling but I am determined to show you.

Naked, as you lean back against your pillows, against the brass headboard, sure of yourself and your moves in life as your job demands, to win. "Come, my kitten, I shall let you play". I do not stay on your lap but slide off the bed and stand naked before you, letting you watch, as I very slowly turn around in a circle showing you my body. You reach out your hand but I take a step back and smile seductively shaking my head "no". The music is low, sultry and I can feel myself slowly moving to it as I run my hands so slow, smoothly, seductively down to my breasts. Cupping them I tantalize you by offering them to you but just out of your reach. You stare; my nipples harden for you, as you lick your lips knowing you shall have them to taste. "Come here baby".... As my hand now slides lower, your eyes are riveted to my hand movements as I walk closer to the bed, to you, to your heat. You reach out palm up for me to take your hand and I move to you but instead of taking your hand I straddle it to let you feel my heat and wetness. You cup me; I move your hand away and crawl up on the bed.

You move your hands back behind your head and stare into my eyes. I lower my lips to yours, that first touch sends electric through both of us. My soft lips press harder wanting you to open and you chuckle and resist for a moment but then let my tongue in. Kissing you as my tongue darts in your mouth, as you press your tongue in mine and I moan and automatically suck on it.

I move my leg over your chest to straddle your body. I sit up, smile and slowly slide down the length of you. Hmmm how I love to drag my nipples over your chest feeling your skin teasing them, making them harder - but tonight is yours.

"Please, oh please spread your legs for me, I want so much to do this"...."Yes, my little tigress". I look at you; "You must really take me serious, you know!". As you spread your legs apart I hear your voice get deep with need and seriousness, "Oh, believe me baby, I am serious, play my kitten, make me know you want only me."

I sit between your thighs, look into your eyes, then back down and smile, as you are hard. I take my nails and slowly run them along the inside of your thighs, slowly up from the knee to just below your balls. Touching so close but not yet. I move back so I can lower my lips to your thighs and place kisses on them and slide my tongue up your inner thighs. Hmmm, your scent now fills my being and I feel this animal urge deep within me to impale myself on that part of you that I need to possess you, to make you mine. My nails dig in deeper and as I look in your eyes you see my need, my raw lust and I need to lower my mouth and taste your cock.

My body shakes in need as I take my tongue and just touch the head of your cock... your cock jerks, I jump, and you chuckle. I again, continue. Slowly I lick the tip of your hard cock. My tongue leaves a warm, wet, trail around the head...so slow and light, as you have taught me. Not using my hands but my tongue I lick around your cock down to the base. Your eyes are now closed your breathing deep as waves of pleasure fill your body. My hand gently grasps you as I now open my mouth and take the head of your cock in my greedy mouth, where it belongs. Hmmm your taste is what I have needed. Deeper, sliding your cock in so slow, as my tongue moves against it inside my mouth. My other hand runs nails up your inner thigh to your balls and gently over them. I touch them, I caress them, and I must suck them. I remove my mouth from your cock and take your balls gently in my mouth. I slide my hand up and down your cock that is still hot and wet from my mouth. You feel your balls being tasted, loved, as I worship them with my mouth. Sucking them deep and harder I hear you moan and your hands reach down grabbing my head on either side as you press me more into your balls to take more of you in my mouth. I suck and lick your balls and then feel you pulling me back up to your waiting, demanding cock. I rub my face on your balls, smelling your manly scent wanting to feel them against my cheek. Your hand twists in my hair dragging me to your cock, as your breathing escalates with your heat and driving passion for my mouth. "Take me, take my cock now, suck me, dam you!". I smile and in one move take your cock fast, hard in my mouth and suck you in deep strokes. I move my head up and down, tits swaying with my moves, pussy dripping down my thigh from this need, this lust, this passion. Your hands grip my hair and move my head in the rhythm you need, the rhythm your body demands. Up, Down, Hard, Deep, your hips begin to pump and you hold my head where you demand it to be. Your cock seems to grow harder in my mouth and bigger as I try to back away slightly. Oh feel the heat, the burning as we are now in a frenzy of heat. I stay within the confines you have drawn and I take your cock in deep. My hand on your balls feel them get harder and tighter, I feel you thrust deep in my mouth, pull out, ram in, jerk out to the tip, DRIVE deeper and hotter and harder demanding to cum. I moan as I start to feel my own orgasm from doing this to you. You groan, "yes, kitten, cum and now you shall have what you have started"...NOW you ram deep, pump, your hips drive up hard as you hold my mouth to your cock and you feel your cock start to jerk and shoot your hot cum into my mouth. You pull out just slightly so I can swallow your cum, drink your seed as you shoot your load in my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can so I do not lose any and after...exhausted and satisfied I lay on you panting, breathing so hard as your hands in my hair start to stroke and twirl it.

I hear your breathing slowing to normal and you pull me up and curl me to your side. I look at you and grin, "There, told you I can take control". "Sure kitten, you can show your claws like that anytime you want".