Erotica Night #1 © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998

The large blades, of the antique ceiling fan, sends kisses of air down on my breasts, as I lie naked on cool, ivory, satin sheets. I arch my back upward, thrusting my nipples toward the cool air, as I grip the bars of the brass headboard. The satin caresses my bottom and back, as I move slowly from side to side, stretching, arching, feeling each sensation on my body from the satin and the cool air.

My eyes are closed as I hear you enter the room and feel the bed slightly give, as you take your place by my hip. I feel you blow air lightly on my nipples and I feel my nipples harden and peak for you. Hmmm, I arch toward you for more and feel the cool breath from your lips blowing on them, caressing them to pucker to hard tipped jewels. I whisper your name and in answer I feel your mouth close upon a swelling peak, suckling it as you caress my breasts with your strong hands.

The sensation when you tighten your hands on my flesh sends shivers through my body and I know I am moaning…a woman’s quiet need being forced in sound. I suddenly feel the chill on my nipples when you pull away, leaving the nipples wet for the air to cool and pucker. I feel a sudden loss in sensation but feel you take my hands and place them on my breasts. I immediately caress them with just the right pressure, to make them feel pleasure and the mildest pain. Hmmm, my breasts feel so smooth to my touch, soft flesh, like the softest pillows until they reach a peak of a tiny hard pebble. I pull my swollen, puckered nipples and feel your hands moving up and down my thighs, behind my bent knees as you slowly push them wider apart.

As your hand moves slowly up my soft flesh, on the inner part of my thighs, I feel tiny sensations racing up my body. Your fingertips moving ever so higher to the juncture where my woman’s flesh lies hidden and waiting for her lover to find. I open my thighs wider and feel the cool air now caress the softest flesh on my body, the inner lips hidden between my thighs. I feel you part them and the air race to kiss my clit now exposed to the air and your touch.

You reach and take my right hand sliding it lower across my belly, rubbing my fingers on my mound as you bend my fingers and move my index and middle finger over my clit. I feel my hand making small, light, caressing circular motions on my flesh. So soft, as I slide the tiny core of flesh around and the area becomes bathed in the sweet wetness of honey, from deep within my body. I can smell the sweet musk odor drifting to me, from between my thighs and your hand presses my fingers harder, dipping them inside my depths. Hmmm, I whisper I need to move on them and I feel your other hand close over mind making me pinch my nipples harder.

I pull on my clit now, my hips moving seductively under my hand, making love to my fingers. My delicate fingers dancing over my clit and dipping teasingly inside me bringing more honey back to wet my jeweled core. I am nice and slippery now as my fingers move back and forth sliding over the length of my heat where sensations are burning out of control.

My nipples now pulled and twisted without mercy or gentleness, as the fire starts to consume my body. My legs splay open wider giving my fingers more access to rub and you more access to watch my body now burn for you. My hips arch off the satin, driving up toward my fingers. My nipples, red and peaked, swollen, stand hard and pointed…waiting for that moment. I am consumed…I am wet with need…I am driving my fingers harder…hotter…NOW!

I peak and moan and whimper your name, as my body starts to spiral out of time and my nipples and clit start to throb in release. I can feel the nectar flow from my body, as my inner core clenches in dance of spasms. Finally, my fingers lay still on my soft pubic mound, as my other fingers gently play with my nipple, caressing it lightly until I feel my breathing slowly return to normal.

I open my eyes and watch the ceiling fan slowly turn drifting kisses down upon my body and I fall back in a peaceful sleep upon the ivory satin.