Erotica Night2 © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998
[All rights reserved-copy/duplication prohibited]

Lying in whispers of silk; the soft cushion of the chaise lounge caressing my back and the night surrounding the patio is kissing my skin. I look up at the light, in the upstairs window, of the adjoining house knowing you are there. I close my eyes and picture your body, naked with your cock standing erect and your balls hanging, for me to pleasure. I have watched you, as my neighbor, for months and imagined your body plowing into mine. I open my eyes to look up and see the night stars, crisp and clear, looking down upon my body, as moonlight plays across my pointed nipples. I wet my finger and touch the points of each breast bringing the tit to reach for more. Drifting in sensations of cool air on my long, satin nightgown I arch my body letting the air rub the gown like a lover’s caress.

I stretch my arms toward the stars, my nipples pucker and the night breeze plucks at them, making them try to poke through the satin….they’re so hard now, as the breeze rustles kisses on the trees and bushes surrounding the property. Bending my knees my gown slides up to my waist and feeling the air on my soft inner thighs I want to feel it between my soft, pussy lips. Keeping my eyes closed I feel and hear the soft sounds, of the night, around me and although I hear the crack of a twig I am so entwined in sensations that I continue to undulate my hips in pleasure. I finally open my eyes to see the shrubbery between our property spreading and you emerging, standing barefoot, in only a tight pair of jeans.

My open thighs are facing you and as I start to bring my knees together I hear you whisper, or is it the wind whispering? "Leave your legs open for me, let me caress you." Closing my eyes, as you drift toward me, I let my thighs gently spread open.

The breeze picks up as I slide my gown over my head, letting it drift to the patio in a pool of satin. I gently cup my full breasts, offering them to the night to suckle and feel soft lips cover them. Arching into the soft wetness of the night’s mouth I feel my nipple being suckled and pulled taught by lips and teeth. I moan, as my other nipple is pulled high, pinched in the night, as it swells in pleasure begging for more. They are so swollen and puckered; a dark, rich, rose aureole culminating to the taught nipple. Lightly I feel my nipples being flicked by soft wetness and I whisper, "oh yes, I have needed you so much to take my body in pleasure." The night chuckles and I open my thighs wider to the night voice whispering, "Open for me darling, spread your gift and let me drink you."

I almost feel disappointed as the wetness of soft lips leaves my hard nipples and travels over my soft belly…finally pulling my soft pubic curls in gentle teeth. Now, I feel my pubic hair being pulled, nuzzled and licked, as I whisper, "Yes, I will open for you, I need to feel you caress my body and lick me." The night continues to drift lower spreading my lips open, as cool air now touches my private clit, so safely concealed…but now exposed.

It feels as though a midnight lightening bolt charges through my body, as kisses and suckling spear my clit and my lips are spread wider in wanton desire. Flicking…. tapping…. I arch toward the feelings and am rewarded by the sucking and licking moving over me…the night making me moan, "oh please, lower, lower, oh please, lick me lower."

My hands cup my breasts offering them and my fingers gently flick at my nipples, my nails making them strain and harden, as my nectar starts to flow from my body and I offer, "Drink of me, take what you need to quench your thirst." I am consumed by pleasure and pull at my nipples, twisting them to feel them pull and redden.

I hear the night moaning or is it my need breaking from my soul to the stars, as my honey is being gently licked and sucked from my body…my opening is filled with a finger of moonlight spearing in and filling me. It moves in and out of my body while joined by another, stretching me open wider as I openly drip in offering.

The need to move with the breeze is too much and I sway my hips to the rhythm of the night, now owning my femininity and ruling my body. The winds have picked up, the night storm is now raging and the winds seem to whip around me, as I moan into the night, "Oh yes, right there, I need to cum now so much, please bring me release!" The night whispers, "Yes now you will cum." Harder, the moonbeam thrusts in my body, as the sucking on my clit drives me on and I thrust closer to the heat. I thrust my hips up as I pinch my nipples harder in frantic movements. My clit being suckled and pulled explodes in orgasm, as I cry out to the night, "YES, right now!" Waves of pleasure course through my body to the tips of my nipples, puckered, pulling while my legs quiver and pussy juice flows free to be lapped up.

Still moaning I run my hands over my breasts, up and down the outside of my thighs feeling the moonlight slide out of my body whispering, "Keep your eyes closed, you are beautiful, open like this." I feel kisses on my inner thighs as my pubic hair is gently tussled and I start to fall asleep hearing the rustle of the trees and the receding sound of twigs crackling.