Owned In Space © February 22, 1998
By LdyJessika@aol.com

(Approx 5 pages)

Her day is like most other people; work, lunch, and then driving home at 5:00. She even spoke to him briefly on the phone, just chatted about how her day was going and then writing down the time to meet him on line.

She eats dinner and then takes a leisurely shower, using the scented soap he sent her as a gift. She uses the powder he mailed to her, the perfume he mailed to her and dresses in the panties he mailed to her. Her world is so full of his essence and being. She reads the e-mail she printed that morning and can hear his voice, "Meet me on line at 7:00 p.m., be naked for me, have the vibrator I bought you by your side, and remember you are always mine."

6:30 p.m

She looks in the mirror to make sure she looks good. She smiles at her reflection, although he will not see her, it is still important that she wears what he tells her and she looks her best. He trusts her to follow his directions and she always does as he instructs her.

Satisfied she is how he wants her; she walks to her office room and quietly locks the door. She moves to her desk and takes her place in front of her computer. The room is warm, comfortable, and she sits in her robe, naked underneath and will wait for him. She opens the right desk drawer and removes the vibrator, placing it on her desk. She stares at it and can feel her skin start to tingle. She quickly stops these thoughts and will wait for him on line. She is ready for him… her lover… her owner… she is ready for him to log on and be with her.

6:45 p.m

Chatting on line with friends she watches her buddy list for his name to appear, but it is not time. He never appears early. She continues to chat with three friends, on three im’s, about lovers "out here" and the how the feelings are so strong. They laugh together about the bad timing when suddenly you are bumped off line. UGH! How everyone hates that since you sit for a moment wondering where the other person went then suddenly the name disappears and you sit till it pops back up on the list. LOL, LOL and she can hear her friends laughing, as they type, since she has spoken to most of them on the phone.

6:49 p.m

She is still chatting but watching the list. She can feel the need for him, just to see his name appear always makes her feel better. THERE! He just logged on and although she wants to quickly send a message she waits while one of her friends sends an im, "Ohhhh, guess who just logged on?" <wicked grin>

She laughs and replies, "Yes, I see him, should I send a note first this time?" but before her friend can answer she has her answer, and as usual in bold type!

He blasts in on her screen, "Get a room for us, I hate doing that, will meet you in it and are you naked?"

The feeling just getting that im zooms through her and she sits and smiles. He is here! She knows he will be but the anticipation grows until she sees his name and gets his message. He has met her for months on line but she still loves when she sees his name appear and they are finally on line together. Now he is here with her. She quickly gets their private room, same room name each time and waits for him to appear. Again, his name appears and sends tingling sensations of security and warmth through her body. She needs this contact with him, alone, in their private room on line. She loves how he types – always in bold to her regular type.

"Hi baby, the rest of your day go okay?" She types back a brief description of her day while he puts in his helpful tips and comments.

"Do you need to discuss any problems tonight baby, I am always here first for you as your friend, you know." She replies that is one of the things she loves most, the way they can discuss so many topics, but tonight she just needs him.

"Yes, I know my baby needs me, are you naked yet? Spread your thighs for me." The robe slides off her shoulders, she slides the chair back and opens her thighs wide. She looks down at her body and slides her bottom forward on the chair exposing herself more. She can feel the cool air on her pussy sitting in this position. The keyboard is at the end of the desk and it is quite comfortable to type.

"Does my whore need me tonight, will you do as I say?" He continues to question her and her answers, of her need to be his and do as he says, are making her mind drift to his words. Her eyes stare at the screen and all sound blocks out. There is now only her and his words surrounding her.

"Who owns you?" - "Who will you come for tonight?" – "Love my baby when she listens and her nipples get hard, pinch them for me! NOW!"

Her hands immediately leave the keyboard for her nipples and she pulls them and twists them hard.

"Clamp you nipples now, so you can type!" She reaches for the clamps, first pulling the nipple, stretching it and screwing the clamps on them. Now she can feel the nipple throbbing, as if his fingers were pinching them. "I have clamped them tight now for you." He replies, "TIGHTER, clamp them so they ache for me." She reaches and slowly turns the screw tighter, "Yes, they ache now for you, Sir." Her nipples are now aching and her body is fast doing whatever he tells her to feel.

"Use your nails and flick the tips lightly, till they get red and marked for me. I want you to feel them the rest of the night." Her nails flick and rake the tips of her nipples, as they swell and turn dark reddish for him. It hurts but she loves how they feel and knows they will continue to ache while she sleeps.

"You’re my good girl, my very own play toy, you want to be my toy?" She gets butterflies in her stomach when she reads that and every fiber in her body screams, "yes, I need to be yours, need to be owned by you, and do what you want to please you."

"Yes, my baby, I know you do and you are mine – my fuck toy, now turn on the vibrator that I own!"

She is already wet for him, reaches for the vibrator, turns it on low and sits spread open for him, waiting permission. They know each other well now and are in such synch with their feelings and sensations. Mind linked he knows what she needs next, what she craves, what she is sitting there waiting to see on her screen. He rules her movements and sensations and he knows she will listen and do exactly as he instructs. Her need for him and being with him has grown since their first im. Each time together it has built till now she needs him in her life, even if just in space, she needs him.

"Not yet, baby – describe your pussy to me. Is my girl dripping? Is my baby wet for me?" "Tell me what you want?"

He can see in her typing she is getting hotter in need. She forgets punctuation, spelling, as her body starts to build.

"Now, baby tell me now, what is my baby doing? Are you pretty pussy lips swelling, your clit?"

Her typing is fast and frenzied, "yes, I am sitting here open for you, I have my thighs spread wide, I can see my clit, it is swollen, I have not touched it yet, Sir, it is just tingling and I am dripping and I need this with you so much."

"Yes, I need this with you as well. You are mine now. I own you. More, my baby tell me more, do you need to touch that clit?"

Her need is screaming over the screen, "YES, I am so hot now for you, I need to touch my clit, rub it for you, please let me touch it, my nipples are on fire sending sensations through my breasts and I need to touch my pussy." "Please."

"Not yet baby, soon, but not yet." "Look at that pussy I own and without touching your clit, dip your fingers in your wetness, a few time, and taste it for me…tell me baby after you do it what you did."

Her body by now is floating and she feels faint and as her fingers dip in her pussy she feels how wet and swollen she is. She brings her dripping honey to her lips and licks her fingers. Again, it just feels good to have something touching her heat, she dips her fingers in putting it on her nipples before licking her fingers clean. With her taste on her lips and cooling her nipples her frenzied typing continues, "I did it for you, I am so wet and dripping, I opened my pussy lips wide and took my finger and dipped it in the cunt you own. I brought my juice to my nipples and licked my fingers, sweet, sticky I am for you."

"Good girl, now turn on the vibrator low and touch it to that clit that needs to be touched. Do it for me baby, do it like you know I would be sucking it so hard and nipping on it pulling it and chewing on it till you moan my name, do it, moan for me baby."

Her hand shakes as she reaches and turns on the vibrator. Moaning his name she finally feels the vibration race through her clit in satisfaction. She want to shove it in her so bad but will not until he tells her it is okay.

"I know my bitch needs it in her pussy. Are you my slut, tell me?"

She clenches her thighs together holding the vibrator against her clit and types, "YES, your slut, yours, yours to do with as you wish,"

"Yes, mine! Now take the vibrator and slide it in that wet pussy I own. Slide it in and out a few times, good girl, like that. You know how I like you to do it for me."

Her nipples are now throbbing as she slides the vibrator in and out, not deep yet, he will tell her, just in and out, dripping for him…her body is starting to build and she can feel the tightening in her pussy.

"Harder and faster now my baby, then close your thighs keeping it in and tell me what you feel, tell me how you need to come!"

Her body by now is on fire. Her nipples are aching from the clamps and the heat and wetness from her pussy is unbearable. She clenches her thighs tight and feels her pussy clench on the vibrator holding it in, milking it as if his cock was deep in her, throbbing in her, fucking her.

She is beyond floating now, would do anything he demands, needs only him and this contact to make her whole, "I need you in me like this, feeling you stretch me, fuck me, slam your cock in me, I need you so bad, I need to come, I need release, please let me come, please now, please!!!!"


Her body immediately starts to spasms, her breathing is fast and uneven as she comes and her body clenches over and over. She quickly reaches to turn the vibrator off but continues to suck in it her body, holding it, milking it as if it was his cock.

He knows she can not type now that she is dazed, breathing hard, her mind linked and staring at the screen as her body is having spasms.

"Good girl, hugging you tight now, breath now baby, slowly, your such a good girl now just relax a moment. Slide the vibrator out of my pretty pussy, lick it and rest a moment, baby."

Dazed she reaches for the vibrator and slides it out, licking her juice off of it she places it on a cloth and puts it aside to clean later before putting it back in the drawer. She is dazed but knows he is waiting to hear she is okay, her legs feel weak and hands shake as she types, "Smile, okay now, breathing and think my body and brain are returning from space to me."

"Good just let’s chat for a bit while we both get our breathing back and our senses. Are you mine?"

He knows she is his but he also knows she loves when he types that and she answers, "YES, YES, YES."

"Want me to call you at the office tomorrow and we can set a time to be together tomorrow evening?"

He waits for the answer he knows he will get, "Yes, I want you to call, smile."

"Good, I will call you about 11:00 a.m. Wear pink panties for me and the pink bra, now go write me my nightly e-mail, then go to sleep and dream of me. I am logging off now and remember, I OWN YOU – I will log on in the morning for your note, oh and put my name in your profile. I do not want anyone reading your profile thinking you are not owned and they should know you are owned by me!"

He logged off before she could reply and she smiled as she clicked off the private room and opened e-mail to write him goodnight, as had become their custom. She already missed him but knew she would hear from him tomorrow and be with him at night. She started typing a note to him while thinking about the pink panties she would wear for him.