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She drove into the restaurant parking lot, at the designated time, in the designated town. Noon, lunch, pizza, yes this was all correct - she went over the directions again and again, as was her habit to do so.

She had parked at the far end of the parking lot, as he instructed. She found that an odd request but supposed, that as a Dom, he was allowed to give odd requests and she was supposed to follow them. She wore the new ankle bracelet on her left ankle, as he had instructed her. Now, all she had to do was walk to the restaurant and find him. She felt him watching her but could not comprehend why the feeling of being watched bothered her. Her back straight, eyes forward, she opened the entrance door and walked in while scanning the tables and booths for him. Suddenly, a firm hand took her elbow and a low voice said in her ear, "You have worn the ankle bracelet and parked where I told you to, you are a good girl, now let us continue." She turned, looked at him and as they both smiled they walked to the table that he pointed out.

She sat down in a booth and was surprised that he did not sit on the other side of the table. Instead, he sat down next to her. He then reached and pulled the opposite table setting in front of him and re-positioned it to match hers. He knew he had invaded her space and out of the corner of his eye he watched her. She bristled but kept calm, reserved and assessed what she thought his next move to be. He noted her posture and chuckled at her show of bravado. She sat stiff, as thoughts raced through her mind that this was a mistake; he is too close, he had only chatted on-line, twice on the phone, and then she wondered exactly what is a Dom? Her hands began to shake.

He watched her clasp her hands together and he smiled at her action. They chatted companionably and as she was discussing her strategy for an upcoming meeting he pressed his thigh against hers. He gave her credit for only the slight pause in her conversation and she withdrew her thigh away from his. He looked directly in her eyes and while concentrating on her conversation, he again, moved his leg against hers. This time not enough for her to pull away but enough to let her know he had intentionally done it. He expected her to accept it. She visibly swallowed but she did not pull away from his contact.

She was surprised the time passed in discussions of business and basic chit-chat. She had been sure he would try something sexual under the table but it seemed this was to be just a social lunch. He paid the bill, slid out of the table and reached out a hand to help her. She felt the gesture was polite and took his hand. Her hand was instantly held in a possessive grip, as she was pulled to her feet, but then just as quickly he let go. She followed him, again, as they walked to the front door and out to the parking lot. She laughed inwardly, at herself, for being so silly about this meeting and except for the first strange feeling, upon hearing his voice, she felt in complete control. She turned to shake his hand goodbye and thank him for the lunch but he said, "No thanks is necessary, I will walk you to your car." They headed off to where she parked. She chatted away and mentally chastised herself for being so silly as to being anxious about meeting him. It had turned out to be just a lunch meeting and except for the slight thigh pressure this was not what she imagined a meeting with a Dom would be like.

She slid in behind the wheel, started the car and turned to smile goodbye but he made a gesture for her to roll down the window. She complied and he reached in and turned off the car engine. She was rather startled by such a gesture but quickly composed herself and queried, "Did you forget something?" He leaned on the car, relaxed, and not saying anything he just looked into her eyes. Finally he said slowly, "You tell me, pet, did I forget something?" Her mind and body registered simultaneously that pet is the word he used when they chatted on line and on the phone. She felt that odd feeling start in the pit of her stomach. She felt rather uncomfortable as his eyes started to very leisurely travel from her lips to her breasts, down to her thighs, then just as slowly back to her eyes. "Answer me pet, did I forget something?" She looked away and said, "I do not think so, and again, I really did enjoy the lunch." He did not move but breathed slow and sure of himself, of his actions, while she fidgeted behind the wheel. She finally met his eyes and again he said in a low, calm voice, "Answer me Pet, did I forget something?" Nervously she answered, "I guess so." He then smiled and said, "No my pet, it is Sir, I shall refer to you as pet and you will answer correctly using Sir, so answer me pet, did I forget something?" Quietly she looked at him and in a barely audible voice heard herself say, "I guess so, uh Sir - umm I mean, Yes, Sir you apparently forgot something."

He reached in, took her chin in his fingers and turned her face to him. He then said slowly in a quiet authoritative tone, "Yes, pet, I forgot something. Spread your thighs apart for me, no one can see you but me. Do not be nervous, this is what you came for, what you want, what you need, so be a good girl for me now my pet, open for me."

She sat for a moment not moving, just breathing and he could see in her eyes the multitude of thoughts. He stayed still just moving his thumb along her chin and looking in her eyes and said slower, "pet, open for me." She did not look at him but her thighs slowly moved as open as her tight skirt allowed. He smiled and lowered his eyes to her thighs, "Good pet, now slide your skirt up so I can see the soft place you have hidden from me." She started to protest and he silenced her lips with his finger saying, "Shhh pet, it is okay, no one can see us, I will make sure you are safe, now let me see what I shall own."

Her hands that still gripped the steering wheel lowered and she pulled the seat lever to let the seat move as far back as it would go. Still not meeting his eyes she changed position, slid lower in the seat and leaned back. Slowly her skirt slid up to reveal to him what he wanted to see. She sat there in her car, thighs spread, exposed to him. He felt his cock harden at the lovely sight before him of soft brown curls, at the juncture of her legs. He reached in to run his fingers in the soft curls on her mons, feeling its soft texture. He pressed his hand outward on her inner thighs to motion for her to spread wider. She did so. She felt the pressure of his hand pushing her inner thigh and opened wider as he wished, "Good girl, just relax and listen to my instructions, I shall not keep you here long." He looked down and she was open to him now.

He inspected her as best he could from the angle he was looking from - the treasure she had revealed to him. She was relaxed, her pussy opened to him, her breathing was relaxed and she waited, not knowing what she should do. He could see she was getting anxious again, "pet, part your pussy lips for me, open yourself and expose your lovely clit to me." She moved very slowly but he allowed it. He had time to train her later in their next meeting. "pet, take your finger, wet it and bring your taste to me."

"Sir, I do not know about this!."

"Shhhhh pet, just relax and do it, it will be okay." There was a moment's hesitation as the decision was being weighed. He sighed at her indecision. "Sit still, pet" and with that he reached in the car and dipped his finger between her pussy lips. He smiled as he found her wet for him. He did not hesitate and rotated his finger on her clit before she had time to think, "pet, you are wet for me, now just stay still and let me play with my new toy." Their eyes met, locked and it seemed as if all was still except for the moving of his finger - running up and down her pussy lips, delving in-between them to the moist jewel hidden there. "pet, pinch your nipples for me while I touch and play with you." He felt the best course of action was to keep her hands occupied. Soon she had a glazed look in her eyes and her breathing was choppy and uneven. He kept up the rhythm, not saying anything, while letting her relax into the rhythm of his fingers, first hard and soft, fast then slow. As her fingers on her nipples followed the same rhythm he slowly began to slide his fingers in her, then back to her clit. She looked in his eyes and he smiled, "pet, who do you wish to belong to?" Her answer was immediate, "You, Sir." It was the answer he wanted from his new pet and with his free hand he handed her a 12" piece of rope, "This will reach in back of the seat, pet, hold each end with a hand." It took a few seconds for her to understand his instructions, as his fingers never stopped their touching and her concentration wanted to be on the sensations his fingers were invoking. She now sat with her legs wide open for him and pulled back against the seat by holding the rope. She felt open to him, wanted to please him and the craving for his voice was beginning to seep into her being. She tried to bring her mind back to what she was doing but at this moment she wanted him and nothing else mattered.

He watched as she pulled on the rope, arched her back offering herself to him and he decided to end their first session. Before she had time to realize his intentions he began to move his fingers hard as he felt her nectar flowing from her body. "Pet, are you close, do you feel it building like a fire for me?"

"Yes, Sir, please, I need to come." He smiled, "Well for this time you may come since you asked so sweetly, come pet, NOW." She closed her eyes, as his fingers drove in her over and over, until she felt waves of pleasure sweep through her being. She felt her pussy clench on his fingers as her orgasm washed through her.

It seemed like a long time until her eyes flew open to his with a shocked look on her face. He laughed, "pet, welcome back." She smiled, embarrassed, at what she had just done, and nervously stammered, "Sir, I have to get going, please." He laughed again and patted her pussy pulling lightly on her pubic hair. He talked to her quietly now just occupy her mind as she fumbled with her skirt and tried to compose herself. "Uh Sir this is your rope?" He smiled, "Yes my pet, but you keep it and when I talk to you during the week I want you to have it with you, is that clear pet?"

"Yes, Sir, may I leave now, I am kind of late."

"Yes, but when you get home call me so I know you are okay." He straightened and ran his finger gently down her cheek in a comforting manner, smiled at her, put a piece of paper in her hand and moved back from the car, He spoke one more time, "pet, next week come to the hotel I have selected for our next meeting." She mumbled, "Yes Sir" while her car engine started and she put the car in reverse. Her mind screamed no way while at the same time her nipples hardened at the thought. She knew she would meet him next week. She glanced down at the paper and could hear his voice as she read, "The JM Inn, Room 801 - be there, my lovely pet."


The meeting was pre-arranged from the previous lunch. Smiling to himself over her previous hasty departure, he was pleased that as predicted she came to the location. He said to himself, "JM Inn, Room 801 - be there my lovely pet"

He had things arranged in his room just as he had imagined them precise and in order. Burning, scented, candles gave the room a romantic atmosphere while he arranged the toys on the dresser. He then walked outside to the balcony that held a view of the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean breeze was cool and the candles on the balcony flickered on the silver server, holding a bottle of champagne. He moved into the inner room and ran his hand over the soft straps he had brought and checked over his toys. Yes, he thought, very well done, as he re-arranged them till they were perfectly placed.... Just as he wanted them. Now he walked to the phone and placed the call.

It rang the designated three rings and he heard an apprehensive voice whisper, "hello?"

"Good evening, Pet, you are expected within five minutes, do not be late." Then she heard a low click but continued to listen to the silence on the phone. She did not know why she particularly continued to listen, since he never picked the phone back after they spoke. She could feel the apprehension begin in the pit of her stomach and chastised herself since he had been considerate on their previous meeting. But this time it would different and this time she knew it would be more intense. He promised that tonight she would feel the edge and at this thought she suddenly began to feel her breathing quicken.

She only had to walk two feet over to the adjoining door and knock - or she only had to walk two feet out the hotel room door, down the hall and away from it all. Two feet, two choices, two doors. She slowly hung up the phone, checked her appearance in the mirror, for at least the tenth time, and made her way to the adjoining door. Standing there she flashed back to the previous meeting and a shudder of anticipation ran through her body instantly hardening her nipples. He had left her written instructions on the nightstand and she ran one more time to read them. "pet, you will come to me tonight, you will come in only a robe, do not be late when I call - oh and pet? Bring a nice fresh bucket of ice."

Turning and taking a deep breath she walked to the adjoining door and stood looking at it. She reached, slowly turning the handle, only opening the door ajar a few inches and peered into the candle lit room. She heard his sigh of frustration at her usual hesitation.

"pet, come to me, NOW, before me on the balcony!" She slowly opened the door, walked in, closed the door and made her way across the plush, soft, carpet to the balcony. Walking out onto the balcony she felt cool air on her legs below the robe. She walked to him, slow and stood, before him, waiting for his instruction. He took his time admiring how she had come to him as he requested of her. His pet now stood waiting for him to instruct her. He reached out and turned her chin up for him to look at her eyes while his other hand lowered her robe. First off one shoulder then the other letting it pool at her feet. "Lovely, my pet, kneel for your Master." He looked in her eyes as she slowly lowered to her knees before him, her hands hanging straight at her sides - he could already see the submission in her eyes and see the need. "Good Girl, pet assume position." She raised her arms to interlock her fingers behind her head and sat back on her heels. She pulled her elbows back causing her breasts to thrust out to him in offering.

He sat back in the chair watching the candle light throw shadows of light across her nipples and skin. He reached for a glass of champagne, slowly took a sip and watched her breath slowly in and out, waiting. He would let her stay like this a moment or two and enjoy her, the sight of her body, her nipples offered to him, puckered from the need and the cool night air. "pet, do not move now, not until I tell you." He reached forward and poured some champagne on her nipples watching them harden more as he leaned forward to suck the champagne off them. He saw the ripple of feeling his touch caused but she held position, except for the slight moan that escaped her lips. He sat back and reached for one of the gifts he had brought for her. "pet, look at me now and tell me if you wish to wear this for me." Her response was immediate and her eyes showed her wish. "If it pleases you, Sir." He chuckled because he knew she wanted to wear it. He could see it in her eyes, as they widened in pleasure, and he knew she had wanted to just answer yes. His pet was having such a hard time learning her place, but he was patient, and he would teach her slowly session by session.

"I have bought this collar just for you, your neck is so small most would not fit it snug, now slide forward." She scooted forward smiling, "PET! Stay still now." He hated using a harsh at this moment but she spiraled out of submission so easily. He had to use a firm voice that kept her where he wished her to be...she replied, "Yes, Master." Pet sat still while he placed the collar around her neck and firmly clasped it in place. Sitting back he admired how she looked, naked except for the thin possessive collar with small ringlets hanging off it. He next reached for some nipple clips and watched her reactions carefully. He actions were slow so he would not to frighten her. Her eyes were wide but she stayed still for him. She kneeled watching his eyes as he reached forward grasping her right nipple. She gasped as he pinched it, pulled it, twisted it so it swelled, became hard, and he finally placed the clip on it. He then reached for her left nipple to roll it between his fingers before firmly clamping it with the clip. He gave the delicate chain, now hanging between the clips, a lift upward, both nipples pulled up and she started to rise, "NO pet stay kneeling."

She felt her nipples being pulled and closed her eyes while the feelings began to swirl in her belly and pleasure began to fill her from the sensations. He lowered the chain and she raised her eyes to his. He stared in those large tantalizing eyes and slowly took his foot and nudged her thighs apart, "Spread your knees wide in this position for me pet. Open yourself to my inspection before we proceed with your lessons." He could see she wanted to please him and she slowly spread her knees open. She felt the cool air on her inner thighs and pussy lips. "Pet I can not see you in this light, pull over that low table in front of me and assume position." She stood and brought the small square table in front of his chair and kneeled on it. She, again, assumed position, spread open for him with arms interlocked behind her head. He sat back and took another sip of his champagne enjoying the night air and the flicker of light on her clipped nipples, black leather collar, thighs open for him, all so he could look at leisure at his possession. He smiled at his pet, "yes, pet it is going to be a very nice session tonight, and we do not have to rush."

He kept her sitting like this for quite awhile as he sipped champagne and stared at her lovely charms now spread open, fully exposed for his pleasure. Her smooth skin as the air cooled showed small goosebumps as they began to appear on her arms...."Sir, please I am cold, may we go in the room?"

"And if I say no?" He could see the distress between her wanting to obey him and the part of her that just wished to get up and walk in the room and take the consequences. "Okay my precious, a few more minutes. Oh, by the way my tantalizing lovely, who does not always obey her Master, I do remember asking you to bring nice ice, did I not?" Her eyes grew wide in panic at forgetting and she just stared back at him. How delightful and unusual, for once his pet had nothing to say. "Well, then for this slight transgression, since it is now 8:00 PM, remind me at exactly 3:00 AM to punish you. Do you think you can do this for me?" He saw her eyebrows draw together in thought as she mentally counted 7 hours but an immediate, "yes, Sir" came out on a breath being held. "Well as it turns out I have an ice bucket filled just incase you forgot what you really did not want to bring." Grinning at her he got up, leaving her in position as he walked into the warm bedroom. Looking back over his shoulder he said, "Come" and watched her scramble off the table. He watched her hurry into the room rubbing her chilled arms, but at least she remembered to come and stand before him. She did look rather chilled and looking at him with those eyes he shook his head at his own actions and started to rub her arms up and down. He did this for a moment, took her hand in his, led her to the full-length mirror and stood in back of her. "Look in the mirror pet" - she slowly looked up and met his eyes in the mirror. As he quickly shed his robe she recognized the command and power his naked body began demanding. He stood still, watched her eyes in the mirror and when he had stared into them long enough his low voice said, "Arms in position! NOW." He then reached around and took both clamped nipples in his fingers, tugging on them, pulling them upward until he felt her go slightly up on tip toe. She moaned but he held her there a moment longer and soon it was a moan of pleasure - she felt the pulling of her nipples, her back arching as they were held high and a need begin to build in her body. He then let them lower until she was once again on her heels. He stepped closer till his body was touching her back, until his hard cock touched her ass, until she sighed low and automatically leaned her body back on him. She did this without even thinking of her movements or that she was supposed to ask permission for this contact. He allowed this because he enjoyed her need, for the comfort, that she gained in the contact of her body leaning on his strength. His hand now left her nipple and his arm wrapped possessively around her waist holding his prize, his possession against him, as her glazed eyes met his in the mirror. He rubbed his hard cock against her soft ass and with his strong leg he nudged her thighs apart. "Lower your arms, pet they are tired now?"

"Yes, Sir", he chuckled as her yes Sir sounded more dreamy than submitting but he liked his pet best pliant and in need like this, leaning on him for his strength and her pleasure.

The fireplace warmed the room as he reached for the ice, removed a piece and watched her eyes grow wide. Her breathing started to speed up in anticipation of his touch. He watched those breasts of hers in the mirror; those round full breasts that held her nipples so nice at their tips, always teased him to taste them, pinch them, play with them and finally own them. He took the ice cube and trailed it over her collarbones and down the middle of her breasts. A shiver ran through her, she felt her nipples strain against the clips and the cold made her squirm against his cock. "Hmmm yes, pet? Does the ice feel cold on my pet? Tell me pet how it feels?

Pet looked at him in the mirror and a chill ran through her from his stare more than the ice. "My nipples feel like they are on fire. Sir, they are so cold and I can feel them getting so tight and hard, I do not think they can get harder." Very slowly he trailed under each breast watching her nipples in the mirror as the nipples turned a deep color. Slower and slower, smaller and smaller the ice circled. He heared her gasp as the ice rolled over one hard, swollen, reddened nipple, leaving it wet and cold. He reached for another cube and rubbed both nipples with the cool, wet ice, watching her nipples stiffen as he held the ice still on them. Low moans started from her throat as the cold ice left a trail of pleasure and pain spearing through her nipples. He whispered in a low even voice in her ear, "Tell me my pet, do I own these tight, red, swollen, cold nipples?" Her eyes went to his and she replied, "You, Sir, own them."

"Yes, my bitch, I own them and now I shall own the rest!" The ice trailed lower over her abdomen, making a possessive trail of cold, melting water. It dripped from her nipples to her mound covered by her soft pubic hair. A shiver of anticipation went through her as she watched the ice slowly dance and weave a pattern over her skin. She watched as the cube pushed between her inner lips, pressed against her clit and he tapped it in place by pulling her lips over the cold. She could feel the chill of the first cube on her clit as it melted between her outer lips. The cold ice as it melted ran a melting cold stream that chilled her legs while he reached for another cube. He placed it in front of her lips to lick; taunting her; making her wonder which opening he will select to use and chill her down. "Where shall I put this cube pet?" She looked at him and did not want to answer. He could feel the chills of anticipation go through her but she replied, "Wherever it pleases you, Sir."

"Well my pet, I was going to place it in your ass!" Her eyes widened and she froze in place. He smiled and smacked her lightly on the ass chuckling at her expression. "Come, let us go to the bed, it is time for your next session of learning." He left her standing, water dripping from the ice between her pussy lips, as he walked to the bed and began to take some new toys. "Come, come pet over here now and from the counter we shall pick out some nice toy to play with." She smiled slightly and moved to take his hand. Together they walked to the counter and into another session.

CHAPTER 3.....

Pet stood looking at the counter and had never seen such an array of toys although she did not really think adult toys should be the accurate term for such contraptions. He stood watching his pet’s eyes go from the ones she had grown familiar with over these past weeks to the section of new ones he had placed over to the far right to keep them apart from the others.

He turned to her and reached for her nipple clips. "Stay, and do not move, we shall put these back on later, let your nipples rest a bit from the pressure" and with that he removed her clips and flicked her nipples a few times, which made her wince from her tender tips and the constant pressure they had sustained. "If your nipples start to soften you shall pinch them for me, they must stay hard and pouting for me, wanting to be licked at all times". Pet nodded her head and he chuckled as she immediately glanced down at her nipples to make sure they were hard but they were very hard. He placed the clips to the far left with the toys on that side that she had known and now accepted.

"So my quiet one, for once you may babble away about what you see and what you want from the right side of the counter". Pet stood motionless and mute staring at the assortment on the right side. "Okay my not so speaking one, we shall play a word game, what comes next – DING?" She looked at him confused and oddly and said, "Dong?" "EXCELLENT CHOICE for the first toy of the night". "Now that you have chosen one, I shall choose next" - she stammered, "NO that was not a choice" -"Too late, your babble time is over, you did so well you may now be quiet again". He looked at her and smiled but did not laugh since she looked so vexed. He picked up a soft leather waist strap with two silver rings on each side, some wrist cuffs and something that looked like a butterfly on a strap. "So, are these not pretty and interesting looking?" Pet muttered, yes sir they are pretty and stared at them. "Good then think of these for a week because next meeting they will fit you nicely. He bent over kissed her on the nose, picked up a bottle of oil, and left for the other side of the room watching her visibly let out the breath she was holding staring at the butterfly shaped vibrating toy.

He sat in the chair and pointed to the floor in front of him. Pet came and kneeled. "Now, pet it is my turn for a few moments of pleasure, you may begin". Pet stood and turned and walked across the room, "Where are you going?" "Why for the ice, My Master". The look he gave her froze her on the spot and she returned looking sheepish but with a rather guilty sly smile. He looked stern but when she kneeled and bent her head to lick his cock he grinned and shook his head. He did love her independent streak so refreshing from his other pets but so much more work. Her lips felt like silk over his cock and balls and he soon leaned his head back and let his pet do as he had taught her to please only him. Cupping his balls lightly as she licked them, wetting them under and around before taking them in her mouth to suck on as her hand stroked his cock. She could feel herself getting wet from licking him, tasting his balls drove her senses crazy and she could feel her nipples harden again over his scent. He was hard and now reached down pulling her mouth away. She looked dazed, her nipples hard, and he knew she was wet now from sucking him. "On the bed, NOW, on your back".

She knew the position he wished. She immediately spread her legs wide with her knees bent, her feet flat on the bed past shoulder width. Her arms for the moment at her sides away from her body. And her eyes followed him. Admiring his body as he moved on the bed kneeling next to her. He was still not what she had expected that first day over pizza – he was dam better. He stared at her and wondered what her shy smile was about.

He bent to lick her nipples. The taste of her skin inflamed him but he controlled his tongue and the pressure on each breast and nipple. He knew his exact moves, the time he wanted to spend on each session and he knew her reactions. He picked up the bottle of warming oil and lightly rubbed the strawberry lotion on each nipple. She felt a slight warming after a few moments and it felt rather nice and tingly. He watched her watching him. He bent over her nipples, he breathed a deep sigh on each one and her nipples went to a light warmth. He liked the look in her eyes as the warmth simmered through her nipples to her body. Again, he bent over her nipples and blew this time a light breath on them bringing them to peak and a milder heat. He sucked the strawberry flavor on her nipples and now they tingled from the heat of his mouth. He sucked and nipped at the nipples till they were red and very swollen – her moans deep and gutteral. He again put some oil on but lightly and then blew hard on them. She felt heat burn on them and it felt so good rushing through her body. She knew she was getting wet and could feel the juices start to flow from her pussy. She was burning now for him, her mind just concentrating on his tongue and hands, his voice. His voice drifting to her, telling her how she looked splayed naked for him, how her nipples belonged to him. "Who do these pretty nipples belong to?" – Her answer was on a whisper. "You Sir, my nipples and body are yours". He looked down at her pussy and smiled as she was dripping for him. It was a smile of total control and he blew again and again bringing her nipples to piercing fire until she moaned and writhed her hands clenching the blankets at her sides.

He slid down further using the oil, blowing a trail of light heat down her body – she knew where she needed him, and he knew he would be there when he decided. Her moans were now pleas of whimpers and he moved to between her thighs. "Sit up against the headboard pet". She heard his voice it seemed from a great distance and it took her a moment or two to understand she had to move. She moved in a daze and opened her legs once again. She had them spread open for him, "Like this Master?" He smiled and said, "Yes, pet your pussy open and exposed to me just like that. "Now you will fuck yourself for me, I know this is the first time but you will take this and do it for me, trust me you will love it" and with that he handed it to her. She looked in his eyes and reached slowly to take it. It was soft, jel, long and quite thick. The look of the shape of the cock made her look at him in surprise then down to his erect cock. "ahh you recognize the mold my pet?". "Now touch it to the pussy that I own, that is dripping for my possession". She began to drip more and she reached it down to her pussy, "Slowly pet, rub it first along your lips and the nice big head of my cock against your clit". Pet moved it along her pussy staring at him and it got slippery with her juice. She closed her eyes but he made her look in his as she ran it up and down her needy cunt, "Never take your eyes from mine my pet, I want to see you approach your need, now fuck your cunt". She stared in his eyes and started to move on it. He watched her, her legs spread wide, her pussy turning a deeper color from its usual pink as the need grew. "NO, pet not fast yet, not inside you, just ride it slowly up and down" Pet was trying to do it slowly but it felt so good having something hard yet soft running over her needy pussy. He reached up and oiled her nipples, "Blow down on them pet, fuck yourself and warm your own nipples". He sat, hard and erect watching her blow down on her nipples as she ran it harder and harder along her cunt. Her eyes were glazing, her breath getting shallow and he stared intensely in her eyes, burning into her soul, that she was doing this for him, at his will. He watched her swallow hard and then she said in a whimpering tone of need, "please, Master, please let me put it in now". "A few more strokes, show me how much you want it". Her hands grasping it and her hips riding it her eyes burned into his in a plea of silent need. His voice was quiet, composed, and controlled "Now, my pet, now you can find your pleasure, I want you to fuck it till you cum, let me know when you will cum". She groaned thank you and drove all its length and thickness deep inside her as a sigh broke from her lips as it plunged in her depths. She sat still for just a moment relishing the feeling of being stretched and filled but then the need again surfaced stronger and more intense than the last and she had to move on it and find release. She started the dance of need on it. Slowly pushing it in and out, clenching on it…oh it felt so good. He watched her as she did as he wished and never left making eye contact with her. Locked together with eye contact she fucked herself, dripping on it, moving it faster, deeper, again and again, for him. She was breathing deep now, fast and he could see in her eyes she was about to give over and cum for him, "Now, pet, cum to me, give me your gift". She looked deep in his eyes and whispered "oh yes, Master, for you, only for you, forever" and began to clench and spasm never losing eye contact as she came for him. Over and over telling him of her need of him, her pleasure of him owning her and of her love. Finally, she bent her head in exhaustion from the intensity and relaxed her grip on the image of her Master that was still inside of her. "Relax a moment, do not move your legs". He reached to her pussy still clenching the dildo in her and slowly slid it out, licking her juices from it. He reached and leaned over lifting her head to look in her eyes and kissed her so she could taste herself. She moaned and kissed him back, tasting herself on his lips. He moved the toy to the floor, sat back on his heels reached and began to stroke his cock as she watched. He was hard, thick and veined with pre-cum dripping. He took the pre-cum and rubbed it on her lips as her tongue automatically licked at it. He stroked himself a few more times and watched her. Pet was sure he would cradle her now to him but he suddenly changed position. He bent over her for a moment almost touching nose to nose looking in her eyes as he still stroked his cock and whispered, "Know what time it is? It is 3:00 A.M!" He grinned at her expression and had such a twinkle in his eyes as his thoughts now envisioned their next session.

Chapter 4

She glanced at the clock, saw that it was indeed 3:00 A.M. and quickly looked in his eyes to see complete burning passion and possession. He could see she was totally exhausted. He stretched out next to his pet stroking her face, her hair and watched as she tried to fight off being sleepy but her eyes closed and she slept. He then slid out of bed, first cleaning up their night’s toys and arranging them back on the counter in the order he wished. He then jumped in a cool shower and returned to pull her to him and sleep – he needed her but was in complete control of his body, passion and thoughts and she needed rest – he would wait.

The hour was now 8:00 AM and he watched her as she slumbered in his arms. His hands started to lightly skim over his pet’s body. Such a nice possession she had turned out to be from their first lunch together. He could tell now that she needed more and more of the experience as her trust and confidence grew in him and in them together. The need was turning to a driving passion of body and soul for them to unite in a bond of partnership. He had time, he would not rush, he would wait to claim her totally and she would give over everything and then give over nothing since it would be equally given from him.

His hand moved down over her hips to her nice round bottom. His hand caressed her there, running back and forth over each cheek of her ass. He had not forgotten his pet’s punishment and the more he thought of it the harder he became with need.

Pet stirred from the feeling of his hand rubbing her bottom and moved against him snuggling deeper but his hand was beginning to stir her body. She dozed a few more moments then opened her eyes to find him staring into hers. He smiled, "Morning my pet, are you awake now to continue?" She was sleepy but he saw the look of pleasure at waking in his arms and she mumbled yes. "Good, you go jump in the shower and we shall go to breakfast, then we shall take up where we left off, you do remember where, correct?" Pet looked at him and smiled, "Yes, it was 3:00." She stood and reached for her robe but he stopped her, "No clothes are needed, I have already seen everything and you should stop worrying so much about being naked before me." He could see she was always uncomfortable walking naked but that too would pass in time.

Pet finished her shower, dried off and came into the room wrapped in her towel. As their eyes met he held out his hand looking at the towel hiding her body. Pet slowly undid the towel handing it to him. He smiled and pointed to the bed where she saw a new leather black skirt and white off the shoulder blouse. He, in turn, was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, t-shirt and white sneakers.

He walked to the bed and turned to her holding the lace bra, "Come, I will dress you now." She walked to him slowly and stood before him. He slid the bra in back of her since it hooked in the front. He helped her slide her arms in it and then proceeded to adjust her breasts in it so her nipples fit the cut outs on each cup of the bra. She looked down in surprise as he pinched her nipples. "There pet, such pretty nipples they should not be hidden by material." He leaned forward and sucked on one nipple while pinching and slightly twisting the other between his thumb and forefinger. As always, she closed her eyes as the sensation of being sucked by him started to fill her breasts and move through her body. His other hand reached in back of her holding her in place against his mouth. He started to bite her nipple as he sucked on it and as her moans began to increase he stopped and straightened leaving her standing with her eyes closed. She opened them to find him staring at her nipples, they were now hard and erect through the lace bra.

He smiled, reached for the thin blouse sliding it over her outstretched arms and pulled it down over her breasts. He stood back and again adjusted the bra and smiled as the blouse molded to her body showing her nipples standing erect. She looked down and went to adjust the blouse away from her body, "NO, leave it the way it is" and he again adjusted it so her nipples stood and showed through the blouse. "It will be fine pet, you look beautiful with your nipples on display…we will just have breakfast and you will not fidget with the blouse."

She stood there looking down as her nipples were not hidden at all and anyone could see them standing out from the lace bra through the thin material.

He next handed her a pair of stockings and she looked at them noticing that the crotch was cut out so her pussy would be exposed. She did not question this and slid them up her legs. He again reached and combed his fingers over her mound making sure it was exposed through the stocking just as he wished.

Next and last he handed her the skirt. She was glad it was the right size and it slid over her hips without being tight. He smiled knowing that was exactly what she would worry about but he did not say anything. She was glad it came to above her knees and not mid thigh. He knew that as well.

"Turn around for me very slowly pet." She turned and when she was standing with her back to him he put his hands on her shoulders stopping her. She stood still as anticipation raced through her as he massaged her shoulders and then started to slide his hands down her arms, over her hips and she felt them go lower to her legs. She knew he was kneeling behind her as his hands started to slide up her skirt.

He pushed her legs apart so she was standing as wide as the skirt would allow her. His fingers traced a line up the inside of her legs and toyed just outside her labia. Lightly she felt his fingers skimming over her just toying with her. "Your nipples pet, are they pointed and hard for me?" He could tell by her whispered yes that she would be wet in a moment from his fingers now toying with her mound…sliding…touching…caressing. He felt her try to open her legs wider but the skirt kept them closed and he smiled. He slid one finger between her lips and felt the moistness starting to flow from her. He again stood up and started for the door calling over his shoulder, "Pet, come for breakfast."

Her eyes flew open and it took her a moment or two to comprehend he was outside the door on his way to breakfast. Flushed and breathing rather hard she quickly walked out the door and followed him to the elevator just making it in the elevator before the doors closed.

She looked at him wondering why he had just left her standing there. "Come here pet." She moved to his side of the elevator and he leaned down and kissed her nipples through her blouse, wetting the fabric so when he stood it stuck to them making them more prominent. She watched as he straightened and he began to rub his cock through his pants. Her eyes were glued to his hand pressing in on his jeans as he widened his stance. He stared at her a moment more and took her hand placing it on the hard bulge in his jeans. He ground her hand against his hardness and moved against her palm. He knew it would not take him long to find release and he turned and stopped the elevator. He unsnapped the jeans, pulled down his zipper and his cock was hard and already dripping.

He shoved her down to her knees, grabbed her head and brought his cock to her mouth, "Open and take it fast, NOW." He could see her confusion at being in an elevator but she had already learned not to question. He grabbed her hair in his fist and twisted her head to take his cock. She opened her mouth and he slowed his movements and slid his cock in slowly. "Suck me pet, suck me fast and hard." She began to suck on his cock and he began to pump his hips into her mouth…faster…harder…more. Yes, he had waited so long for this he knew it was now…"Now pet swallow my cum." He groaned and felt his cock start to shoot into his pet’s mouth as she sucked and swallowed as best she could.

She was still dazed as he adjusted himself back in his jeans and pulled her to a standing position. He turned and started the elevator as she was trying to lick the cum off her chin and cheeks where she had missed some of him. He grinned satisfied and said, "You look good pet with some of your first breakfast course on your face."

The elevator doors opened and he stepped out into the lobby, grabbed her by the hand and walked to the restaurant. "Pet, stop slouching, get those shoulders back and show your pretty nipples through that blouse." He could see she stood up straighter but did not pull her shoulders back displaying her nipples as directed. This was his pet’s first time displaying for him so he accepted that at least she was standing straight.

The resort restaurant was not crowded even though the Party was tonight. The one or two other Doms with their pets having breakfast were more advanced in training and being in public. He saw his friend, Dom Rasor with his collared favorite, as she kneeled docile by his leg, next to his chair, her prominent breasts naked. They walked over to say hello as Dom Rasor was hosting the weekend party that was by personal invitation.

He introduced her and she courtsied, respectfully acknowledged Dom Rasor and smiled shyly at her sister at his feet. Dom Rasor and he made eye contact and they without speaking nodded that she had done well. He looked at his pet and felt such pride in her demeanor for her first time out in this area. He did not think it best they join them as he did not wish her to sit at his feet at this time and they moved out onto the veranda overlooking the gardens. He held out her chair.

"You did so well I could not be more proud of you, now pull those shoulders back and let me see the nipples I own and wish to look at." Her smile was one of pride at his praise and her shoulders slowly pulled back. "The waiter is coming to take our order, I want you to keep your nipples nice and stiff…firm…hardened." He chuckled as he saw her get nervous with his description as the waiter was now in hearing distance and overheard this conversation.

"Yes, I will have coffee and toast." "pet? Would you like something more to drink than you had in the elevator?" She could feel the flush start over her face and she could not meet the eyes of the waiter looking at her. Admiring her nipples, he nodded his approval to her but she still looked down. She had so many things going through her head, sit up, sit back, keep your shoulders back, be polite, make him proud, keep nipples hard. She looked up at him and he caught the look beseeching him to help. "pet will have coffee with two equals and her usual rye toast." The waiter smiled knowingly and brought back their order in a moment.

"pet stand and come over to me here." He had not spoken to her since he gave the waiter the order and she stood and walked over to him. He pulled her down on his lap and slid his hand up her skirt. She squirmed for a moment looking around but no one was watching except for Dom Rasor who was smiling and nodded at her in a kindly manner while he was reaching down with one hand playing with his own pet’s nipples as she kneeled next to him.

The table was blocking anyone’s view of the lower part of their bodies and as she sat on his lap he slid her skirt up high on her thighs. His fingers deftly reached up her skirt and opened her soft pussy lips. He slid them up and down while he chatted with her about the resort, restaurant, Dom Rasor’s pet’s breasts as if he did not have his fingers driving her body crazy. She began to get wet. He then reached in his pocket and produced a small egg shaped vibrator with a separate control and slid the egg into her now wet pussy. "There, now my pet sit back down and lets finish our coffee while you touch yourself under the table."

She stood and could feel the vibrator in her. "No I did not say to turn your chair, leave it facing Dom Rasor and his pet." She sat back down and reached for her toast and took a bite chewing it slowly watching him. "That is perfect, pet, now with your other free hand finger your clit for me."

She could see Dom Rasor watching her and his pet was staring at her as well. She reached slowly under the table trying to look nonchalant, opened her legs and let her fingers find her wetness as they continued to chat.

She suddenly felt a low vibration within her and her eyes flew to his, "good girl, just keep touching yourself and making that pussy wet with need." Her eyes darted between his and Dom Rasor’s as her fingers moved along her labia parting them and sliding in to touch her clit. She was wet and started to slowly make circular motions with her fingers. He watched her and smiled as her eyes locked with his and he knew she was starting to find pleasure in her body.

He sat and drank his coffee watching her now as her eyes started to take on a glazed look and her other hand rested on the table, "Good girl, that’s just what I want, rub that clit, make it needy for me." He turned up the vibration and she felt it tingle through her pussy and almost but not quite to her clit. He saw her eyes dart to Dom Rasor again, "Pet keep your eyes on Rasor and watch him finger his pet’s nipples" – "Notice how hard her nipples are and erect for him as he pulls the tips."

She sat and met Dom Rasor’s eyes as they bore into hers knowing of her need. She rubbed her clit harder as instructed feeling her clit swell and the vibration slowly starting to work its way up her pussy and now her clit felt the low tingling movement. She noticed his pet staring into her eyes with a small smile playing around her lips as her nipples were being pulled higher it seemed the more her vibrations grew. "good pet, keep it going, keep looking at Rasor and feel." Again the vibrator was turned up more and her lips parted as she bit her lower lip rubbing her clit harder…faster now.

Her eyes were locked now on Dom Rasor and his eyes bore into hers as her Master’s voice started to drift to her and her body began to spiral in sensation. It seemed at the same time her Master turned up the vibrator on high and she could feel her pussy walls tighten on the egg vibrating with her that Dom Rasor looked into her eyes and nodded to her. Waves of pleasure broke over her body as she rode the waves of her orgasms now unaware of her surroundings only of her Master’s voice, "Yes, pet, good girl, give it all now, cum for me." Finally her body and senses started to calm and she realized she was still staring into Dom Rasor’s eyes. Dom Rasor nodded and smiled at her then turned and whispered something to his pet as his pet looked at him adoringly and rubbed her head on his leg.

Her eyes returned to her Master, "You did well pet, are you enjoying your breakfast?" She whispered yes and nervously looked about glad no one was even paying them any attention. "Come on lets go back to the room now, we have another session."

They approached the table of Dom Rasor to say good-bye and she could not meet his eyes this time. Suddenly her body was jolted with a buzzing vibration and she visibly jumped. Dom Rasor, his pet and her Master started to chuckle and she felt herself turn red. "My pet did well, this is her first time." Dom Rasor lifted her chin to meet his eyes smiling, "You did excellent – you are a pride to your Master." She smiled and felt so proud.

The walk back to the room was quiet as they walked hand in hand. He stood before the room door and looked into her eyes. He handed her the room keys, undid his leather belt sliding it from his pants and then handed it to her in exchange for the keys. She looked at him and he smiled, "Now that you are well fed and had a nice cum with your breakfast you will learn when I say bring ice you will bring it." As she walked past him into their room his hands started to roam over her lush ass as he squeezed her ample bottom.