Chapter 1 - Silk and Lace © Copyright LdyJessika 1998
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She didn't mean to displease him but only go to a party and have fun. She knew he would never beat her and was only making clear his fear and anger for her safety. Looking back, now that she was snuggled in her bed, safe in her Master's house, she knew it was a lesson she would never forget it:

"Kiss the damn belt - He would have made you do it!" She heard his voice harsh and upset but not angry, as she kneeled before him, feeling it being rubbed softly over her lips. She smelled the well-oiled leather of the belt, he had just pulled off of his pants. He stood before her, clad in his black leather pants, barefoot, bare chested, wearing a black leather band around each muscular bicep. He tipped her chin up and repeated, "One more time and if you don't kiss the belt you will leave tonight and not come back, do you understand me? - You want to know what he would have been like, well you are safer with me showing you!"

Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of having to leave, however he ignored her tears. She could see he was beyond patience with her, she had finally managed to get him truly angry by her actions. He had told her time and time again not to speak to a particular Dom, who he knew could be cruel, but she honestly thought he was wrong about him. Tonight she almost had learned how right he had been. She was lucky she had been able to sneak a call and he was home to come and get her.

As tears gently fell from her cheeks, she thought of her phone call, "Sir, you will be really angry with me but I am in trouble, Sir." She had given him the address and quickly returned to the living room wishing she had never come to this place.

Thirty minutes later he knocked on the door and walking in went straight over to her. He grabbed her by the arm, glaring at the other Dom, "This one is mine, she told you that, if you dare to encroach on my property again we will have a hell of a problem - do I make myself clear about my pets!" After an exchange of a few civil words he dragged her out of the apartment and psuhed her into the passenger seat of his car.

"Bitch, do not utter one word, not one - you have no idea what danger you put yourself in!"

That was all he had said and they drove home in silence, where she now kneeled before him. The home she was now afraid he would make her leave for not listening to him. The first thing he did when they entered the house was make her remove her collar, knowing how precious it was to her. He shoved it in his pocket and continued into the room with her trailing after him.

Now, she heard him tell her again, "KISS THE BELT!" Tears continued to run down her face as her trembling lips moved over the leather and she kissed the belt - "Again, kiss it again."

She did not hesitate and kissed it again. He watched as her tears ran down her face, falling to the carpet, but he did not move to comfort her. He turned and walked over to a chair determined to let her know what a cruel Dom might be like.

He almost snarled at her, "Come here!"

She started to get up when his harsh voice cut in again, "NO! Get down on all fours! You want to be treated like he would have treated you? then fine - learn what it would've been like – see if that's what you want!"

She again started to rise and he quickly walked back pushing her back down on the ground. "I said kneel and crawl to me - bring the belt in your teeth!" She looked at him across the room - it seemed so far away now, but she had crossed it many times in just a few steps.

Her mind traveled back to when she was his favorite. She had come to him by accident through a friend, Lace, who lived with him and had recommended she ask him questions about being a submissive. She had been with them from that moment.

She started to move forward slowly, on all fours crawling to him, the belt in her teeth. He had never made her crawl to him – even collared and leashed, he had never made her crawl. Her sister, Lace, enjoyed crawling to him but he had kept their training different and she had never done this before. It seemed like it took her forever moving on all fours, tears flowing down her cheeks.

He watched her moving toward him - her naked body on all fours, her breasts swaying seductively, without her knowing it, as she moved. She was his beauty, his treasured prize, but she had crossed the line and endangered herself by not listening to him. He told her time and time again, that this was not a world to play with when you didn't know whom it was you were playing with. She was before him now looking at him, as quiet tears ran down her cheeks.

"The safe word tonight will be Midnight, do you hear me?"

She looked in his eyes, since they had not used a safe word in months. He knew her so well and she trusted in him never to harm her but bring her to the edge of pleasure and sensation.

"Do you understand me?" She realized he was not calling her his pet name of Silk. He had made it up, saying her lips were like silk and now she wanted to hear him use it; but knew he would not.

She whispered, "Yes, Master."

"Do not call me that either - you can call me Sir but not Master - not until you feel it and again know the true meaning! Now strip off your clothes, be naked and do it without standing!"

She removed her jeans by rolling on her back and then got on all fours to remove her blouse, bra and panties. When she was done and naked before him, she stayed kneeling, with her head down.

He watched his treasure move, now safe, but with a lesson to learn, "Now, crawl up and lean over my lap."

She looked at him and hesitated but he grabbed her by her hair, pulling her over his lap, holding her in place with his arm as he positioned her. He dropped her collar on the floor in front of her.

"There now, that is where your collar belongs, on the floor!" He took the belt and rubbed it across her bare bottom but then flipped it over his shoulder. "Whose bitch are you?"

He had never called her that and she did not answer quickly – CRACK! His hand came down on her bare flesh in a resounding sound, that startled her more than it hurt.

"Again, whose bitch are you?"

She felt his hand raise and quickly answered as her voice quivered, "Yours, Sir!"

He watched as a slow red mark from his hand appeared on her white bottom.

He tried to sound angry, "Not good enough!" - CRACK!

He alternated his hand on her right cheek then her left. They became redder, until he could feel the heat from his hand spanking her bottom. He reached for the belt over his shoulder rubbing it over her red, heated bottom and in one movement brought it lightly but evenly across both cheeks of her ass, before dropping it to the floor in front of her. She was whimpering now and her body shook on his lap.

"Count it out now, we are not done - a few more!" His voice boomed in the house off the walls.

His hand again proceeded to come down but lighter on each of her lovely red cheeks and his eyes blazed a mix of anger and passion as he heard her counting.

"One." "Two." "Three, four, fiver, sixer."

He nearly started to laugh at her use of "fiver and sixer." She sounded so pitiful and he knew he could not continue.

She had felt his palm land over and over on her bottom but didn't realize it landed very lightly, almost caressing. Her tears kept her from focusing that the belt had landed on the floor in front of her. Her thoughts were not on her stinging bottom but that her collar was inches from her nose. She wanted that collar; she needed it and needed him to own her.

"Okay, Okay! stop counting now!" He began to lightly rub the reddened cheeks of her ass as her whimpers began to slowly subside.

"So bitch, tell me, do you like to crawl like your sister Lace enjoys?"

He heard a muffled, hiccuping, sobbing type of whimpered, "No, Sir."

"And if I tell you someone is dangerous, do you go to a place if they're there for a session with their own pet?" He was not sure what the muffled whimper was but he assumed by this time that he had made his point and it was a whimpered no, sir.

His hands began playing with her pretty reddened ass and as his hand dipped lower he found her pussy wet with juice.

"Slide off my lap and sit for me." He had never seen his Silk move so fast before and she startled him getting in position that fast.

She sat as straight and silent as her very first days with him. Kneeling, her hands interlocked behind her neck, her knees open displaying herself to his view. Tears still coursed their way down her face while she cried and he waited until she subsided to muffled sniffles. Still he sat and stared at her without speaking. He could see her bottom was stinging from the way she kept moving, trying not to sit on on her bottom for a length of time.

"Stand and turn around from me". She immediately stood in front of him turning her back to him.

He reached for the ice in his drink and began to rub it over her heated bottom. "Does your bottom sting?"

She whimpered "Yes Sir, it stings very much."

He said harshly, "Good!" but he smiled and continued to soothe the redness and the heat from her bottom. He reached for another cube.

"Spread your thighs open now, for me." She moved so fast that she nearly fell over, "Stop moving so fast and just do as you are told."

This brought forth more sobbing and a pitiful, "Sorry Sir – will you keep me?"

He did not answer but proceeded to rub the ice over her inner thighs and the crack of her bottom. He leaned and kissed her cute bottom, biting it playfully and in between sobbing she giggled. His fingers now moved in on their target, between her spread thighs where she was moist.

She opened her thighs wider, without permission, but his fingers moved in and upward rubbing along her lips, between them and spreading them open.

She started moving and whispered, "Sir, may I move on your fingers?"

He tried to sound angry, when he answered, "You already are!"

He began to finger her deeply, as she moved her hips driving herself down on his fingers in her heat. He could hear her sobs turning to moans, as his fingers roamed and brought her pleasure. He moved his fingers faster and felt her legs start to tremble. His other hand reached around her hip and pinched her clit hard, sending shivers through her and he knew she needed to come for him.

"Whose are you?"

She was breathing hard and she whispered "Yours, Sir."

"Do you want to come for me?" Her movements were now frantic on his fingers, as she cried her need to come, "OHH, yes, please!!! SIRRR!".

"Come My pet Silk!" The use of her pet name sent her over the brim and her body began to clench on his fingers, as she rode them while he kept moving them within her. She stood in front of him, her back to him as she dripped on his fingers, coming on them. He bit her on the ass and genlty removed his fingers from her body, tasting her, as he licked the glistening moisture off of them.

She dropped to her knees breathing hard, her head bent she was on all fours, as her body began to finally relax. He reached and rubbed her bottom, still red from spanking. "Silk, now that you have come you will have a new experience – stay kneeling." When he called her Silk she would do anything for him and all she wanted was for him to be happy with her and keep her.

"Down with your shoulders Silk, your ass high in the air for me." She positioned herself, as she had many times, waiting for him to enter her heated pussy. She heard his clothes being thrown on the floor and then felt a lubricant being smoothed over her tight virgin asshole and she started to move away.

"Stay Silk!" He grabbed her by her hips holding her in place and was now on the floor kneeling behind her. He stared at her pretty ass high in the air for him and decided to train her like he had trained Lace.

He took his hands spreading the cheeks of her ass as his tongue lightly ran over her crease. He kissed her cheeks, biting at them and licking her tight hole... pressing his tongue against her. He then spread her cheeks with one hand and his middle finger began to press against her tight opening.

"Easy Silk, just relax and move against my finger, give Master what he wants." She was so happy to hear the use of the word Master she moved lightly back on his finger to please him. He knew she wanted his praise and whispered, "Good, Girl. Let your pretty little hole get used to my finger!"

He felt her muscle slightly relax and he pressed his finger in, up to the first knuckle, just letting her get use to the feel of the invasion. "Silk, are you okay?" Her breathless, "Yes, Sir" let him know she was more than okay. He proceeded to move his finger deeper, moving it in and out, working her wider, as she stayed still.

"Silk, I am going to hold my finger still in your ass, move on it for your Master." Again his tone and the use of his pet name for her made her whole body need to please him. She moved slowly, tentatively back and forth, driving his finger in and then almost out. She could feel herself clenching on his finger and instead of being embarrassed, she was now feeling new sensations going through her body.

He took his index finger and gently slid it in next to his other finger, slightly opening her more. She moaned but he continued to calm her, "Easy, Silk, you're so tight, I am just preparing you, just relax and let me open you, push back Silk!"

She moved back and his fingers slid in all the way, spreading her ass open for the first time in her life. She felt so odd, yet at the same time so excited and the feeling of her bottom being spread and invaded by her Master made her senses all pleasurable. She was breathing hard, her eyes closed, as she moved back and forth on his fingers deep in her bottom. Her whimpers and moans were becoming stronger, as he spread her open further.

"Whose are you, Silk?" He heard the conviction in her voice as she stated, "Yours, Sir." He moved in position in back of her taking his hard, throbbing, cock in his hand. Gently he started to remove his other finger and guided his straining cock inside of her.

"Stay still now Silk, it will stretch you, be my good girl, stay still now for Master." Slowly the head of his cock slipped from view, as it found its way into her. He held her now by her hips, slowly pulling her back, as he moved his hips forward driving in her tight ass inch by inch. He knew he was stretching her and she began to whimper so he stilled, letting her get the feel of herself being filled in her ass by her Master's cock.

"Silk, pinch your clit now, while you push back on my cock, set your own pace for Master." She sighed in pleasure and moved back as she said, "Yes, Master, move back, my own pace, Master." He smiled knowing she meant the use of the word Master, as he began to meet her movements, sliding himself in to his full length. Her ass was so tight, milking his cock, as he now began to thrust in her harder. His Silk, kneeling before him as he impaled his cock deep to his balls in her creamy ass. He spread her cheeks and watched his cock slide in and out of her. They were so deep into these new sensations of him ass fucking her that he was surprised when Lace walked up. She sat quietly down on the floor next to them, looking questioning at him, as this had always been her service to perform.

He smiled at Lace and ran his finger over her lips, "Sit Lace, watch as your sister learns something you already know and you do very well – I have a special treat for you next my pet!" Lace smiled and watched as her Master’s cock slide in and out of Silk replying with a sly smile, "Yes, Master, I like your treats."

Silk heard the words but her clit was throbbing, her ass was being stretched and she felt her Master driving in and out, again and again...his balls slapping hard against her. She felt him pulling her hips harder as he rammed in her to the hilt of his cock.

"Silk, Whose ass is this to use for his pleasure?"

She almost screamed, "Yours, yours, it belongs to you, Master."

He felt his balls tighten and his muscles bunch needing release. He arched his back driving his hips forward full force. His fingers dug in her hips hard and he held her ass in place, as his cock began to shoot his hot come in her ass. He stayed in his Silk, liking the feel of her tightness around his cock and that he was finally in her tight asshole.

Finally, as he slid out, her muscle milked him clenching on his cock. She fell to the floor, come dripping out of her ass as she just rested, her eyes closed, from this new service she learned.

Her Master now rubbed her back and rubbed his hand over her still red bottom, from her spanking. He grabbed her ankles turning her over on her back and she stared at him.

"Sit up!" She was confused by his slightly hard tone but sat up.

He reached for her collar and almost roughly placed it on her neck pulling it tight and locking it. Satisfied, he smiled and stood up, looking down at both his pets.

"Now go with Lace and both of you take a nice hot bath, while I rest. I want you both in the master bedroom tonight, both of you be naked and leashed."

He smiled as he heard in unison, "Yes, Master." He got up knowing his pets were home safe, where they both belonged. He walked to his bedroom to rest until tonight thinking of having them both.