Swede With A Hangover © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998
By: LdyJessika@aol.com
[All rights reserved –copy/duplication prohibited without permission]

Jessika woke up trying to focus on the alarm clock, that was blinking 6:00 A.M. in horrible, green, neon, numbers. She realized three things simultaneously: A warm thigh and arm draped over her back and upper thigh and an empty bottle of Absolut Vodka with two empty glasses on the hotel night table.

She tried to quietly move out from under the arm and thigh, but was pulled tighter against a hard body, as a masculine voice with a Swedish accent grumbled, "Jessika, it is early! The first conference meeting is not till 8:00, stay still!" She closed her eyes, as thoughts flashed through her mind of last nights erotic conference seminar, and his voice close to her ear saying, "Good evening Jessika, I would like to introduce myself and explain a website you should be interested in."

She had seen him watching her at the conference and noticed him right away, but it was his voice and confidence that had attracted her. The way he spoke, so sure of himself, and his plans for his erotic site and the way his eyes bore into hers had sent shivers down her spine. She had spoken to many men since arriving but this was the first man she had spoken to that made business sense and looked and sounded good to her. She had been startled as she watched him push his way through the men surrounding her and she just stood their dumbfounded when he stood before her, smiling down at her.

Now lying here in his bed, pulled against his body, she realized that their first dance together on the patio sealed her fate with him. They had a few drinks at the bar but the crowd and noise had been unbearable, with the amount of people attending the International Erotic Writers Conference, and they found it impossible to hear above the noise. He took her hand as they moved out onto the patio, where more writers and website owners were now dancing and chatting, and weaved their way between the people finding a secluded area, "Now, Jessika I think this is a nice place to get to know each other!"

The patio held a sensual atmosphere with the night sky crystal clear, and the June weather in Northern California cool but comfortable. Music by Fleetwood Mac was being played and couples were dancing wherever they wished.

"Jessika, come show me if you dance as well as you write." He did not wait for an answer but took the glass she held and placing it on a table pulled her into his arms. As soon as his arms closed around her she felt his strength and melted against him whispering, "I really do not dance very well." He bent his head close to her ear and said in a low voice, "Then I will teach you what you do not know about dancing and everything else, so just relax." She heard his words, but more she felt his words, as his arms tightened around her body. His thighs flat against hers, she felt him moving his hips and as her body reacted to his, she knew he felt it.

She managed to pull back from his body and looking up into his eyes said, "Look, I am not sure what you want so can we just discuss it, it is kind of late and I am not used to staying up late, even at a conference!"

He smiled down at her and pulled her back against him whispering, "Jessika, I want nothing from you that will cause you any harm, okay?"

She was not quite sure about his answer but something about him seemed very comforting, compared to the many men she met during the past days, and now her body was making it known that she wanted him. She smiled to herself thinking that instead of going directly to her room after the conference she found herself in the arms of a good looking Swede, who danced like a dream, while her nipples were getting hard from the contact of his body.

Although he did no want to let her body away from his, he finally said, "Jessika, it’s getting late, I want to talk to you away from this noise and show you some plans that I have. We can go to my room, or I will bring them to your room, or we can try and find a quiet area in the lobby, wherever you feel it will be best."

She thought for a moment and grinned, as she replied, "Your room Swede will be fine," He laughed at her grin and decided right there that he wanted that grin under him, as he drove his cock into her body. His cock began getting hard as he thought of her body being thrust into by his cock as he sucked on her nipples.

Finally, they made their escape past other people and in the elevator she looked up into his beautiful blue eyes as he said, "Maybe you should write a story about two people escaping a conference?" She started to laugh with him and relax against his arm. He immediately put it around her, pulling her against his side, until the doors opened and they walked, with his arm still around her, to his room.

Smiling down at her he said in a comforting tone, "Jessika, remember any time you want to leave you just tell me and I will escort you to your room, understand?"

She let out the breath she did not realize she was holding and said, "Yes, thank you."

They walked into his room and taking off his jacket he turned to her and said, "Come on, hand me your suit jacket – you have been in it for hours." She did not move, at first, and he finally went over to her holding out his hand. She slowly removed and handed him the jacket, as his eyes outlined her breasts under her lace blouse and her nipples began to pucker into hard tips. She quickly sat on the edge of the bed looking down at his website’s brochure, while he moved to the dresser to get them a drink. Picking up two glasses he chuckled, as he said, "Jessika, since you call me Swede, I just happen to have some Absolute Vodka, how about a toast?"

She eyed him skeptically, "A toast to what, Swede?’

He smiled, "Why to future joint-ventures, of course!" He poured her a glass and waited for her join him in a toast…after a few toasts they laughed, toasted more, laughed more and time flew by on wings of laughter, business and sensual looks.

As he finally took the plans out of her hands, she looked up into his eyes, feeling her insides tingle, when he said in a low voice, "Jessika, kiss me, I want to taste your lips!"

Her lips moved toward his on their own volition and she finally felt his lips touch hers. His lips felt better than she imagined, soft, hard, demanding, as he wrapped his arms around her…gently pushing her back on the bed. His body covered hers and his hips began grinding sensually against hers, as he whispered, "Slow Jessika, we will go nice and slow, you and your Swede, we have all night and I need to see you naked beneath me!"

He slowly unbuttoned her silk blouse, kissing her flesh, as it was revealed to his hungry mouth. Lips skimming over her soft breasts, he lifted her and unhooking her bra threw it to the floor. Finally able to look all he wanted at her hard nipples, he cupped her breasts, kissing each nipple and lightly flicking his tongue on them, "Jessika, I could suck on these titties all night but I want to see your pussy!" He needed her totally naked, as he now unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her slim hips, until she lay before him in only garters and gray, silk, stockings. His eyes feasted on her as his voice, deep, guttural whispered, "Beautiful my Jessika, my sweet Jessika, now my turn, you watch your Swede but open your legs slightly and let me look at what I will have."

Her legs opened for him, as he stood and slowly removed his shirt, her eyes following his masculine hands down to his zipper. She was mesmerized watching his fingers move, as he slowly revealed his cock to her, already hard, waiting for her and her pussy now wet for him. Her thighs opened wider, as he stared at her soft, brown, pubic hair covering her glistening slit.

He moved back on the bed, kissing her passionately, sucking her tongue in his mouth, before sliding his lips down over her neck to her soft breasts. He kissed the soft flesh around her nipples before sucking on them and pulling them with his lips, his teeth lightly biting, as she moaned and her nipples swelled and hardened. He watched her nipples start to swell, as he sucked on them, blowing cool breath on them making them pucker, before sucking and licking them again. His other hand slid down her body and found she was wet, needing, as her body sensually molded to his flesh and his fingers dipped between her pussy lips into her pussy juice.

Their eyes locked and his voice was deep as he demanded, "Wider Jessika, open for me, now spread your thighs all the way open!"

She spread her thighs wide and felt her pussy open an expose her clit to his fingers, as they began to move over her clit. She could feel it wet and swollen, as he rubbed it gently, causing her to moan and whimper his name. She opened her thighs wider, as he slid between them and then positioned her legs over his shoulders, "Like this Jessika, your thighs open wide and your legs over your Swede’s shoulders, I can look at you better, your smell is drifting to me!" He looked down at her sweet, pink pussy, now turning such a deep, rich, red for him and could see, by her wetness, how much he affected her body. She was dripping for him, her musk scent drifting to him, as his cock throbbed, waiting to be set free and pump deep into her body.

Looking deep in her eyes he began to lean forward, pushing her knees closer to her shoulders, opening her wider and wider as her knees spread and her thighs finally touched her breasts. Moving her arms above her head, she now felt his cock positioned at her entrance, poking and teasing her to relax and let him in, as he whispered, "Jessika, tell me to fuck you, tell me how much you need my cock inside your cunt!"

Her brown eyes pierced into his blue ones as she moaned, "Yes, Swede, please fuck me, I seem to need you like this so much, now, put your cock in me, please!"

He remained still, savoring the moment, "Yes, Jessika you need me in more ways then this!" He watched her lick her lips and looked deep in her eyes, so she would know this was his decision when he would enter her, as he teased, "Now, Jessika?"

She could only whimper as his hands gripped her, holding her in position for his possession. Then she felt the head of his shaft pierce her and her cunt close tight around it. She saw him suck in his breath, at the pleasure of her tight pussy closing on his cock head, and she felt him slowly push deeper, inch by inch, until he was flush against her body, his cock imbedded in her dripping cunt. She groaned feeling his possession inside her and heard his voice drifting to her, "Jessika, look in my eyes, this is how we Swedes possess our women, feel my cock deep in you!"

She could only look in his eyes caught up in the sensations he was causing as he pulled his cock out, slowly, to the very rim of his cock head, then in a long, smooth, forceful stroke push himself back in. She could feel her cunt squeezing his cock, as it slid in and out of her, her pussy walls stretching and sucking at him until he pulled almost all the way out and said in a controlled voice, "Jessika, ask me to put it back in, if you want it?" She whimpered yes but he wanted more, "Louder Jessika, tell me you want your Swede inside your cunt and you can have more of my cock!"

All she knew at this point was she was burning for this man and her eyes showed her need as her voice shakily whispered, "I need more, Swede, I need it all…your cock….your balls….pump in me please…pump my cunt!"

He pushed forward in one fast thrust, impaling her on his cock, grinding deep into her…pumping into her cunt harder and deeper… feeling her cunt juice, slick and wet on his cock. He watched his cock, thick, pumping in and out of her body, "Jessika, this is how I want to fuck you, hard, fast, deep in you!"

She felt herself being slammed into the soft bed, his cock stretching her, ramming her cunt open as his cock throbbed inside her, thick and demanding, her cunt walls suck him in deeper. She was moaning deep within her, her head thrashing from side to side as he twined his fingers with hers. Her arms now pinned high above her head he continued to ram his rock-hard, cock in and out, owning her pussy, possessing what he wanted from the moment he saw her.

Panting he said, "Tell me Jessika, who do you want in your pussy, tell me who opens you wider than any other man this cunt has ever had!"

She could not answer…she was so close to cumming…her clit was pulsing, while being battered by his cock bone and her cunt felt like it was being split wide open. Her pussy began to clench on his cock, while she gripped his fingers moaning and whimpering his name, as her cunt began to suck at him, milking him, fucking and needing to cum on his cock.

He felt her like a tight glove on his cock and shoved and fucked deeper, hotter, faster, knowing he was about to explode and she was about to cum - NOW! - NOW! His cock exploded in waves, shooting hot cum up her cunt as her pussy began to pull at him cumming. He kept pumping, "Not yet Jessika, I have more cum for you, more cum for you Jessika, feel it all!" Her legs were now limp as he kept exploding and pumping in her, shooting hot streams of cum, as her cunt kept milking and sucking on his cock until it was drained and he smiled down at her whispering, "Jessika, Jessika!"

She was still breathing fast, staring up at him…this man she met at this conference, as her body still felt sensations and spasms from him shooting his load in her. He smiled down at her, as he gently removed her legs from his shoulders, dragged the covers over them, pulled her tight against him and without asking her if she was staying whispered, "Sleep now Jessika, it will be morning soon!"

That was the last thing she remembered until now, with this neon light flashing 6:00! 6:00! 6:00! And a beautiful accented voice saying, "Too early! I have a hangover, sleep more Jessika, it is early, you will sleep more now, right?"

She looked over her shoulder at his blue eyes watching her and smiling at his expression said, "Hmmm a Swede with a hangover, yes, let’s sleep more, then I want more of you Swede!" – He grinned feeling his cock already wanting her heat.